What is OpelConnect?

OpelConnect is a new way to stay connected and secure on the road. Smart technology systems always there to help and related services offering security and innovation.  OpelConnect provides peace of mind and carefree mobility to the driver’s convenience. OpelConnect enables you to drive smart by advising on traffic situation as well as driving data or route information. OpelConnect keeps you safe and make every trip exciting and efficient.

What services are available with OpelConnect?

The emergency and breakdown call are already available. More services such as Live Navigation, Vehicle Status & Information or Remote Functions to come. Service availability and scope differ by country and vehicle. For more details please see www.opel.com.sg

Which cars have OpelConnect?

Availability of OpelConnect services on each Opel model may differ depending on the model year and version of operating system. Please contact Opel Singapore for more information on the availability of OpelConnect in each model.

Are all services available on all cars?

The service availability and scope differ by country and vehicle. As soon as you have opened the account and logged in OpelConnect Store, you can add the VIN of your vehicle and get an information which services will be available for your car. 

Can I have OpelConnect in my current car?

OpelConnect cannot be retrofitted to already produced cars but must be equipped in the factory.

Getting Started

How do I get started and use OpelConnect?

When you purchase a vehicle equipped with OpelConnect, you need to register and activate your services. Based on the pre-registration by your dealer, you will receive an email from Opel - simply click on the link to complete the activation process. You can open your account via myOpel app or directly in the Opel Connect Store.

Do I have to register to use the OpelConnect services?

With exception of emergency and breakdown call you need to register before using the connected services such as Live Navigation. Emergency and breakdown call are already activated with the hand-over of your vehicle. Terms and conditions apply.

How do I access my account?


Once your account is set up, you will be able to log-in and access your account via myOpel web, myOpel app or Opel Connect Store.

I have changed my e-mail address. How can I change update my account?

You can change your e-mail address in  myOpel app or Opel Connect store account. Log-in with your current e-mail address and password, then go to "my account" and change your data. The new e-mail address will be automatically updated for all interfaces  myOpel app and Opel Connect store.

OpelConnect Store

What is the OpelConnect Store?

The OpelConnect Store is the dedicated website for the Opel connected services. Here you will get information about the service offer including prices and be able to manage all connected service related issues (e. g. registration, service activation and purchase). The OpelConnect Store can be directly accessed or via myOpel web or myOpel app.

How can I activate my services?

For activation of the services go to the Opel Connect Store and log in your account. In case you have not created an account before, you can open your account in the store or register here

Do all services have to be activated in the OpelConnect Store?

All services have to be activated in the OpelConnect Store with two exceptions: emergency and breakdown call, they will be automatically activated by default.

The emergency call is designed to send data to the rescue services solely in case of an emergency. The breakdown call can be triggered only manually in the vehicle, it is solely your decision to use or not. For the b-call you can adapt the privacy settings and decide which data is sent in case a call is triggered.

How can I cancel a service?

If you want to cancel a service, please contact the customer care center. You will find the contact details at the end of the FAQ section. The advisor will open a ticket and handle your request respectively. Please be aware in case you have purchased the service, your credit card will be charged after 15 days. Within this period the customer care center can undo the purchase. After 15 days a refund is not possible anymore. Please note, that deleting the vehicle from your profile does not cause the cancellation of the service.

Can I add more than one vehicle to my OpelConnect Store account?

Yes, you can add up to 10 vehicles to your account. Go to my account and enter the VIN number in the dedicated section. The new vehicle will be automatically added to your account.

How can I delete my account in the OpelConnect Store?

If you would like to delete or change your information, please log in to Opel Connect Store with the e-mail address and password specified in your registration. You can then delete specific information from your profile under “my account”. To permanently delete your account and all the data associated, please send an e-mail with your request to:privacyrights opel@mpsa.com.  Please note that by deleting your Opel Connect account you will also delete your myOpel web and myOpel app account.

I plan to sell my car. What do I need to do with my OpelConnect services?

In case you have activated the service Vehicle Status and Information, please call the customer care centre and cancel the service. For all other services, it is sufficient to delete your vehicle from your account. Please also see the terms and conditions of the respective service.


How do I get OpelConnect?

OpelConnect is available as an option but also standardized with navigation and electric vehicles. Please refer to the pricelist or vehicle configurator for more details.

Do I have to pay for OpelConnect services?

With OpelConnect you have services included for 10 years and the ability to buy services according your demand and availability. Services which are included and without any further payment are for example Vehicle Status & Information, Remote services, Trip & Drive Management. Please contact Opel Singapore for more information on the cost of services where unsure or where unindicated.


How do I buy services?

You can buy services in the Opel Connect Store. Please log in with your name and password you have created and if not done before, add your vehicle to your profile by entering the VIN number. You will see all services offered for your individual car and you can decide to activate or purchase services online. When you decide to buy a service, you are asked for your credit card details for payment. After the purchase you will see the service added to your profile.

Data Privacy

With whom is OpelConnect sharing your personal data and for what purposes?

OpelConnect discloses your personal data for purposes and recipients listed in the Privacy Policy.

Does the vehicle send location data?

Your location is needed to provide you the services. With configuring the privacy settings you can mask your location at any time or suppress the submission of data (except emergency call). If you change your mind, you can adapt the privacy settings again to reveal your location for OpelConnect services. Only in the case of an emergency will this be overruled to protect your life.

What personal data is collected?

For registration you have to enter your name, your e-mail address and you must create a password. For the service activation you need to enter the VIN number of your vehicle. When your dealer performs the pre-registration for you, he will also capture your address and phone number.

Can I decide which data is collected?

Your name, e-mail address, password and VIN number are the minimum required data to open an account and activate the connected services. Emergency and breakdown call do not require an account, they are available with your signature of the terms and conditions with the vehicle purchase.

How can I change the privacy settings?

When your car is not equipped with a navigation system, you can change the privacy settings in the car by pressing the black service button and the SOS button simultaneously for less than 1 second. For the majority of the vehicles with a navigation system, you can change privacy in the settings menu. Please contact Opel Singapore for more information on how to change privacy settings where unsure.

MyOpel app

Which mobile devices is the MyOpel app available on?

The MyOpel app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

How can I download and install the MyOpel app?

The MyOpel app is available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

Which information is shown in MyOpel app about my vehicle?

As soon as the mobile phone is connected via Bluetooth with the car and the MyOpel app is downloaded you are informed about mileage, fuel levels and average fuel consumption. You will also receive a reminder when your next maintenance is due and you get a notification in case a technical issue with your vehicle is detected.

Which information is shown in MyOpel app about my routes?

The MyOpel app with provide a timestamping of your trips for departure, arrival and duration, trip details such as distance, average speed or fuel consumption, the last vehicle position, geolocation of departure and arrival addresses. In addition the app provides a guide-to-car and last mile guidance.

Vehicle Status & Information

What are the benefits of the service Vehicle Status & Information?

Vehicle Status and Information monitors the key systems of the vehicle, provide basic information via MyOpel app on the connected smart phone. In addition when the service is activated via OpelConnect store a diagnostic report is distributed to the preferred dealer to discover possible irregularities before they become a problem. This includes also the information when a certain service mileage is approaching. In that case you will also receive a reminder via MyOpel app.

The mileage and fuel levels is not shown correctly? Why is this the case?


The vehicle automatically submits the information to the smartphone and MyOpel app actually being in the car. In case you share the car with other persons, the latest status is always on the smartphone and MyOpel app of the last driver.

Why was I not contacted by My Opel Retailer or informed by the MyOpel app, although an fault was detected by my vehicle?

For an alert to be transmitted to your preferred Opel dealer or to your MyOpel App account, make sure that the following prerequisites are in place:

  1. your Vehicle Status & Information contract is correctly activated
  2. you have selected a preferred service dealer in your MyOpel account (only required for transmission to dealer)
  3. the privacy mode in your vehicle is turned off to enable data share
  4. vehicle has been running for at least 5 Minutes with the alert, so that a movement signal is transmitted


Attention: not each alert is eligible for transmission.

Can any Opel dealer see the alerts transmitted by my vehicle?

No, only the preferred service dealer selected in your MyOpel account and gets the alerts transmitted by your vehicle as well as via the app.

If no dealer is mentioned in MyDealer section of MyOpel account, the relevant technical information will be transmitted to the original sales Dealer, mentioned in the new vehicle contract, signed by you at the moment of purchase of the vehicle and/or Opel Connect services.  

How can I find out that the issue has been resolved and the alert is not relevant any longer?

In case of closure of an alert, the alert information will disappear from the dashboard of your Vehicle, from your MyOpel App and from your preferred dealer side.

Do I need to create a MyOpel account to receive the Vehicle Status & Information service?

In order to be able to subscribe for and use Vehicle Status & Information, you must have an active Opel Connect account.

When you are creating an Opel Connect account, you are able to use the MyOpel App by simply logging in with the same user credentials.

MyOpel web and/or app can provide further benefits for you while using Vehicle Status & Information:

- By selecting your preferred service dealer in "MyDealer" section of your MyOpel account, you allow your preferred service dealer to receive the relevant technical information transmitted by your Vehicle and to contact you in order to offer a preventive servicing appointment or an appointment, where a Warning requires technician intervention on your Vehicle.

- In MyOpel web and/or app account you can find the alert details displayed in the section "Vehicle".

Why do I have to enter my phone number on the OpelConnect Store when subscribing to Vehicle Status & Information?

The telephone number is required only when subscribing to Vehicle Status & Information in order to enable your preferred dealer to provide you the best support in case of an alert.

Live Navigation Plus

Which services are included in the Live Navigation PLus?

The connected service Live Navigation Plus includes online traffic, fuel prices, parking information, online POI (points of interest) search, road safety alerts and weather information. For electric vehicles the POIs include also charging stations.

How long are the services included in my navigation system?

The services are included for the first three years. After that time period you can re-new the service subscription at the VauxhallConnect Store. The services rely on wireless communication networks and the Global Positioning System ("GPS") satellite network. Not all services are available everywhere, particularly in remote or enclosed areas, or on all vehicles, at all times. The Services are limited by matters outside our control. You will notify us when you want to cancel your Services or when you plan to sell or dispose of your vehicle.

Where do I get the map updates for Navi 5.0 IntelliLink (Crossland X, Grandland X) and Multimedia Navi Pro (Combo, Vivaro, Vivaro Life, New Corsa)?

You can download map updates from the MyVauxhall website or obtain them from your local Vauxhall Retailer. Note: For customers of Crossland X, Grandland X and Combo, map updates are currently free of charge and available on a quarterly basis. However, the dealer may charge the installation.

What is the benefit of online traffic?

Online traffic delivers precise traffic information with flexible and seamless network coverage. The traffic information improves route planning, especially for longer trips and the estimated time of arrival accuracy. The accuracy is assured by more than 500 million connected devices and over 5 billion traffic measurements a day. The driver gets warnings about safety related incidents and the map provides the traffic information only for the lanes which are relevant to the active route. The traffic bar on the right side informs in a condensed and clearly structured way about all incidents on the route as well as delays and the estimated arrival time. 

What does the color coding of the streets mean? What is shown on the map besides traffic information?

The traffic flow is visualized on the map of the navigation system. The streets are color coded from yellow to dark red. The darker the color the more traffic is actually on the road. There can be also other information displayed, such as closed roads or road construction as far as available.

For which streets is the online traffic information available?

The online traffic service delivers a flexible and seamless road network coverage and ensures that the information is only provided for the lanes relevant to the active route.

How often is the traffic information updated?

The refreshment rate is approximately every 2 minutes.

Is the traffic information automatically considered for my route?

For route calculation and estimated arrival time the traffic situation is considered accordingly. Re-routing must be accepted by the driver.

Does the navigation system consider the weather for route calculation?

No, the weather forecast is not considered for route or estimated arrival time calculation.

What information does the weather report provide?

The service weather information provides information about the current weather conditions on the route, at destination or selected locations including a temperature forecast.  Depending on the zoom level the weather conditions are visualized via icons. For a specific city a 5 day forecast can be accessed.

What is the benefit of parking information?

The service parking information provides you real-time information about off-street parking availability including open spots for many park garages and facilities. Additional information such as opening hours, prices, payment methods or any restrictions help to identify the best location around the car, on the route or at the destination. We do our best effort to provide you real-time information, however, in some cases delays could occur due to matters outside our control. 

How often are the parking information updated?

Parking information is updated every 2 minutes.

How do I start the navigation system to guide me to a free parking space?

You can easily select a carpark as a destination with one click on the navigation symbol. The parking information is available only for the car parks that participate in the reporting system.

What information does the fuel price service provide?

The service fuel prices provides access to real-time fuel price information. This enables the driver to choose the closest and most convenient fuel station. The fuel prices are available only for the fuel stations participating in the reporting system.

How often are the fuel prices updated?

As with the online traffic information, the fuel prices are updated approximately every 2 minutes.

Can I get information about all fuel types?

You can get information about all fuel types which are available for the respective station. In the settings you can pre-select the fuel type of your car so that the fuel price shown on the map are most relevant to you.

For electric vehicles: What information does the service charging stations provide?

If you have an electric vehicle, the navigation system will show you charging stations instead of petrol stations around you. You can also see additional information such as accessibility, available spots per connector type, as well as the address and phone number of the charging station. Please select the respective station by clicking on the symbol in the map. The information is updated approximately every 2 minutes.

How do I start the navigation to a petrol, or charging station?

You can easily select a fuel station as a destination by clicking on the station’s icon.

What is online POI search?

The online POI (Point of Interest) search helps you to quickly find the POI you want to go to by delivering the latest online and up-to-date information. You can search by category or name and you can easily select the POI as destination for your navigation system.

Which information does the service online POI search provide?

The service provides the latest and most useful information about the selected POI such as phone number, address, opening hours and a short description. You can also store the POI in your address list.

What is the benefit of Road Safety Alerts?

The service Road Safety Alerts assures that you have access to danger zone alerts and speed camera alerts following local laws and regulations in countries where the service is offered.

Is the Road Safety Alert service available in all European countries?

The service is available in most European countries. For legal reasons Germany and Switzerland are excluded. If for legal reasons the service is not available in a specific country, Vauxhall will not be liable for any lack of availability of the Service.

Which information will the service Road Safety Alerts provide?

You will be informed via visual and audio alert about road safety alerts where speed moderation is recommended as well as where speed controls are in place. The service is dependent on a specific subscription and the country of registration. For legal reasons this service is not available in all countries in Europe.

I have discovered a new read safety issue or speed cam on my route which was not shown on my navigation system. How can I report this to the community?

You can easily report the new danger zone by pressing the voice control button.

Trip & Drive Management

The vehicle position is not shown correctly. What is the reason?

The vehicle automatically submits the information to the smartphone and MyOpel app actually being in the car. In case you share the car with other persons, the latest position is always on the smartphone and MyOpel app of the latest driver.

Can the app guide me to my car?

Yes, the MyOpel app provides a guide-to-car function as well as last mile guidance in case your destination is in a pedestrian area or you have parked your car. 

e-Remote Control

Which functions does the service e-Remote Control provide?

With the e-Remote control service you can check the battery status and the range of your electric vehicle via the MyOpel app. When the car is charged you get an information about the speed of charge and the remaining charging time. You can manage the charging by switching from immediate to deferred charge and programme a charging time. Finally, you can control the thermal pre-conditioning of the vehicle cabin by starting the function or program a daily individual time for having a comfortable temperature in the vehicle cabin with launch.

When I plug in my vehicle, the charging starts. How do I defer the start time?

You can manage the charging functions via the MyOpel app. Select deferred charging and program a time. The charging of the vehicle stops and continues at the determined time.

Can I stop a charge remotely using e-Remote Control?

Starting and stopping of charging can be managed remotely with the e-Remote control service. You also can stop charging by activating deferred charging in the MyOpel app. The charging will then continue at the programmed time.

Will the MyOpel App inform me as soon as my vehicle if fully charged or if the charging is interrupted?

Yes, you will receive a notification when the battery status has achieved 100%. You can define also a lower level (e. g. 80%) via MyOpel app in order to reduce the charging time. In case the charges has stopped due to an unforeseen issue such as electricity shortage or unwanted unplugging you will receive a notification as well.

I have a less expensive tariff for electricity consumption at night. How can I schedule the charging of my vehicle to save cost?

Absolutely. You can manage the charging of your vehicle easily via the MyOpel app. A deferred charging schedule can be programmed to fit a regular daily routine or to benefit from off-peak energy tariffs.

Does the e-Remote Control service allow to determine a certain temperature when using the climatization function?

The car will target a comfortable temperature in the vehicle cabin. This can be heating or cooling dependent on cold or warm weather conditions and related outside temperatures.

How long does it take to heat or cool my vehicle when I use e-Remote control service?

The duration depends very much on the outside temperature and in the cabin. In case you have used a program to start the pre-conditioning, the heating or cooling starts 45 minutes before the programmed time to achieve a comfortable temperature and continues 10 minutes after. As soon as you unlock the vehicle, pre-conditioning automatically stops.

Can the functions of the e-Remote control service impact the range of my vehicle?

Heating or cooling the cabin can consume a lot of energy. By using the climatization functions when the car is stationary and charged helps to improve the range. Having already a comfortable temperature in the cabin before starting your trip helps to optimize range. The thermal pre-conditioning can be started or programmed according a daily routine in the MyOpel app.  

Does the usage of air-condition and other onboard equipment impact the range of my vehicle?

Air-condition and other onboard equipment such as infotainment, light, wiper or seat heating consumes energy and will reduce the range when in use. Instead of attempting to quickly counter-act the interior temperature, after entering the vehicle by turning on the air conditioning to a maximum setting, the usage of the e-Remote control service will gradually cool or warm the vehicle before getting in while it’s stationary and plugged in to a charging station. Energy for the favour of range can be conserved, as the vehicle’s interior will be preconditioned to an optimum and comfortable temperature while charging.

In what conditions can I access to my vehicle with MyOpel app?

To access to your vehicle, the vehicle has to be in an area with a good network coverage. The programs will be stored in the vehicle and applied even if the vehicle is no more in a covered area.

Can I use e-Remote Control from different smartphones?

Yes, you can use the service from several smartphones, provided you use the same account and repeat the part of the activation process where you link the smartphone and key via Bluetooth in the vehicle. In addition, the owner of the first device who did the full activation process, must approve the usage of the second device.

Digital Service Record

How can I track my service records in myMarque?

MyMarque offers a virtual service /maintenance book which helps you to follow the recommended schedule for your vehicle thanks to the information which you note as: 

the current mileage, 
the average annual mileage and the different type of ways your vehicle is used. 

You must update your mileage yourself (unless your vehicle is connected via bluetooth, in which case the mileage update is automatic) and note the work carried out to be up to date . 

To subscribe to this service, you just have to be validated as the owner of the vehicle :

  •   If you have just bought a new vehicle, you will be invited to activate this service automatically : you should receive an e mail to subscribe in few days. 
  •  If you already have a vehicle and interested in this service, just go to your repairer to validate yourself as owner of the vehicle, and ask for your new service. 

In both cases, you’ll be sent an e-mail with insturctions and a link to subscribe. Don’t forget to click on it to benefit from your new Digital Service Record. 


If you have any problems subscribing or using this service? Contact your customer Support 


Contact us

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UK Customer Assistance     0800 0260 034
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Monday - Friday : 09:00 - 17:30


What is Remote Control / e-Remote Control?

Remote Control and e-Remote Control

offer you a unique experience with different & efficient remote functionalities beyond driving


E-Remote Control is a free service for new electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It can be used through MyOpel application.

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8CjMXITOEo&list=PL-ycsZq2mnvw7Ej0KXkUX…

Status Information

The main page displays key battery information which includes charge status, battery level as well as estimated range of autonomy.

In order to display updated information, refreshing of home page is required by:

- sliding it down from top to bottom

- clicking on the round-shaped arrow at the page top right

The accurate information will appear in less than a minute.

While the information is loading, internet connection must be stable.

It must neither switch from WIFI to 3G/4G/5G mobile data nor inversely. Otherwise, the communication will be interrupted.

Remote charging

With this function, you can set up remotely & start charging your vehicle after plugging in the charger. You can switch from immediate charge mode to deferred charge mode and vice versa. Deferred charge can also be activated by pressing a specific button in the charging hatch. You will receive a notification once the charge reaches 100%.

Remote heating and cooling

This function allows you to set the temperature in your vehicle comfortably. You do not need to configure the pre-conditioning as e-Remote Control will always adjust the temperature to a comfortable temperature of 21°C.

General conditions of use

Using this function while your vehicle charging does not affect your vehicle’s range.

When you schedule for a pre-conditioning, the system will register the command and starts between 30 and 45 minutes before the set time. This is to ensure that your vehicle reaches a comfortable temperature and will remain active 10 minutes later. You will need to set the time that you would like to use your vehicle.

Depending on your vehicle’s equipment, you can also set the charging command from your connected navigation system’s touch screen, via the "Charge" page of the "ELECTRICAL" menu and schedule the pre-conditioning times in the " OPTIONS” on the “AIR CONDITIONING” page.

The pre-conditioning will only start if there is a 45-minutes lapse between the moment you set the command and the chosen time.

Once set, the pre-conditioning is stored in the vehicle and can still function even outside good network areas.

The doors and/or trunk must be locked. If you unlock the vehicle during pre-conditioning, it will stop after 1 minute timeframe.

Charge commands when requested during a pre-conditioning will be taken into account by the vehicle and will be excuted when pre-conditioning stops. Be aware that an information message may be displayed on the app.

Special conditions for hybrid vehicles

Initiating the pre-conditioning of your vehicle will interrupt in-progress charge. It will resume at the end of temperature programming, provided that the charging station allows it. Whenever the battery level goes below 20% and the vehicle is not charging, the pre-conditioning function will not be available.

Special conditions for electric vehicles

Fast charging mode can simultaneously operate with pre-conditioning. However, during regular charge, outside temperature can affect the two commands:

- Between 5 and 35°, pre-conditioning and charging can work at the same time

- Beyond this range, activating the pre-conditioning command will interrupt the charge of your vehicle. It will be resumed at the end of this programming.

Whenever the battery level goes below 50%, the pre-conditioning function will not be available.


Remote Control is a paid service for new internal-combustion-engine, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, allowing more remote interaction between your smartphone and your vehicle. This service can be used through MyOpel app.

For all Remote Control functions, there are 2 ways to check if the command has been sent,

- by a banner (if MyOpel is home page open)

- by notification (if MyOpel is on the background or the smartphone is locked)

Lock status

This feature allows you to monitor the lock status of your car. In order to get the updated status displayed on the home page, a refresh is required by:

- sliding it down from top to bottom

- clicking on the round-shaped arrow at the page top right

Note: As soon as at least one door is unlocked, the status displayed on MyOpel is unlocked.

Remote lock/unlock

This feature allows you to lock/unlock your vehicle's doors remotely. Animated app buttons indicate the order is in progress. The vehicle is locked/unlocked no later than 8 seconds after request.

Button availability is not related to vehicle’s lock status, e.g., "lock" button is available even when the vehicle is locked.

Remote lighting

This feature allows you to switch on warnings or sidelights, depending on your vehicle remotely. Animated app buttons indicate the order is in progress no later than 8 seconds after your request:

- initially, that the order is in progress

- then, for 10 seconds, that lights are on.

Remote honking

This feature allows you to honk remotely. Animated app buttons indicate the order is in progress no later than 8 seconds after your request:

- initially, that the order is in progress -a notification advises you to ensure compliance with local regulations on the use of car horns-.

- then, for 10 seconds, that the vehicle is honking.

When a second horn order is received by the vehicle before the previous one ends, the vehicle will honk a second time with a limited sound level.


PUBLIC : Subscription & activation of e-Remote Control and Remote Control services?

Remote services require secure authentication from the user. In order to authenticate the correct user, please follow the instructions below:

Note: Should there be an existing contract for another user over the concerned vehicle, it will be automatically terminated when your activation process is finished.

• Download the MyBrand mobile application and create an account

• Enter your VIN

• Go to “Vehicle” then “Service” tab

• Choose your desired service from the list of available Connected Services

• Subscribe to the service

• Complete the activation in 3 steps:

* To be completed within 6 days, otherwise contract will be automatically terminated


• Register a trusted phone number

• Register your smartphone using a SAFETY code and/or Face ID / Touch ID

- To use Face ID, you must use at least an IPHONE 9

- To use Touch ID, you must use at least an IPHONE 7 / 8; or an Android

• Go to your vehicle with your smartphone and your key:

i. Start your vehicle,

ii. Establish the Bluetooth connection between your vehicle and your smartphone,

iii. Follow the steps to identify the key

* If necessary, vehicle updates will be displayed on the app & installed in the next upcoming trips -at least, 15-minutes or longer-. As soon as the vehicle is up to date, you can start using Remote services.

Note: Do regularly refresh the app’s home page throughout your subscription and activation process by sliding your screen from top to bottom.

PUBLIC: Using e-Remote Control and Remote Control services: code of practice

Please follow the below code of practice:

• Make sure you have finished subscription and activation procedures

• Make sure you are in a full network area

• Be sure to use the service every 7 days and make a 15-minutes trip with your vehicle

• Check that your vehicle's private mode is deactivated here => Link How to activate and deactivate data sharing and vehicle position? (Link to question 2.2. How to enable and disable data sharing and vehicle position)

• You can use the e-Remote Control and Remote Control on different smartphones devices with the subscribed account. The application will guide and prompt you through the smartphone registration and validation steps.

Further information is available here => Link to Question What is RLEV RACCESS

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact our Customer Care Department and submit MyOpel app’s form. You will also be asked to attach the logs for analysis.